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How to make money online (the right way)

Let me just break the ice and tell you not to worry, i'm not going to try to sell you anything.

These are my own tips and tricks learned trough years of experience in internet marketing. 
All tightly knit into a well designed video for you to understand. You're probably already skeptical due to the title in my video.

Who can blame you, there are countless internet 'gurus' out there. Each of which will try to convince you that their way is the best, and will try to sell you their products, be it ebooks or some type of software that you never heard of. 

Well i'm not going to do that. You're also probably wondering what could i possibly have to gain by creating this long video filled with, so called by some, 'secret money making techniques'. 

Believe it or not, i actually do like to share my experience with other people. And why not on Youtube?

The only thing i want, apart from your view, is for you to skip the failures i had wen i started, and just go straight ahead on a long road to success. You see, i'm not exactly a protegee, never was one. I always got average grades in high school, i failed in college, and
every member of my family thought of me as a guy that'll work 8 - 16 hours a day in a factory for the rest of his life.

I used to believe them. I was depressed, poor, and barely took care of my self. One day it just hit me. I was wasting my life away, day by day, slowly rusting like a old pocket knife that hasn't ben used in ages.

Oh well, that's history. No need to keep on babbling about how i was. And you don't need to believe me either.

Let's just get straight to the meat of this video. I'm going to list the best methods you can apply to start a money making career, elaborating on what to do, and what not to do. You can use one of them, or all of them. It's up to you.

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